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About Us

Company Mission

To offer the best option for media companies to create and distribute their content effectively and professionally. Focused on new media companies, marketing businesses, podcasters, esports, entertainment companies, publications, radio stations, schools, universities, and religious organizations, we offer consultation and knowledge from over 30 years of experience.

Best In Class Equipment

We offer over 1000 pieces of equipment to offer the latest technology to the widest markets. From small businesses, podcasters, publications, radio stations, marketing companies, live events and so much more. We offer consultation and training to meet your business goals.

Monetizable Platforms

Content creators are no longer limited to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube. We introduce multiple options to meet all sorts of markets, all while monetizing.  Create value and have your content be viewed where your market is, TV, computers, and mobile.

Online Support

Contact us online via m.me/livestreamingmaster or email carlos@livestreamingmaster.com. We will offer a scheduled conversation if you wish.

What is Live Streaming Master?

LSM is a vision to offer a solutions-based business that has multi-level options for content creators in the markets of advertising, marketing, podcasting, live streaming, entertainment, and just about any type of production one can think of.


LSM offers the simplest solutions for your needs, using the latest technologies at the most reasonable costs.

Content Distribution

We realize with all the new capabilities to create content, the world is hungry to view your creations. The problem is how can you bring value to them using only free social media platforms. For most, you can’t.  We offer guidance and solutions to get more entertainment content option, by creating multiple distribution platforms that appeal to a variety of markets.

Who am I?

What Can I offer to you?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carlos Phoenix. I have a multi platform film, entertainment, education, sports, and music distribution company with a partial focus for Latin Entertainment content.

My background is over 20 years in the entertainment world, varying from art direction for film and commercials to post-production. Then I entered live broadcast such as (Good Morning America) where I learned production hands on.  Learning equipment and tools of the trade, I decided to offer such tools to clients and content creators that I knew. I realized they needed a place for their content.

Equipment Options:

We offer a wide variety of hardware, software, drives, monitors, lighting and more. In fact, we offer over 1000 products for nearly any kind of content creator for a variety of markets, from small business to sports companies.  From one camera live broadcast to 10 camera live concert broadcasts via satellite to live stream to your favorite social media site or personal.  We offer consultation, sales, and training to meet your needs, then offer some businesses strategies on the kind of content to create to maximize use of their investments.

A video is now the primary method of consumers to learn about a product, enjoy the content and do it where and when they want.  Because of that, we have some great partnerships.

Business Partnerships ?

Latin Entertainment Network aka Live Entertainement Network offers a few digital distribution platforms designed to monetize content and to offer flexibility to consumers to watch content on mobile to every other device that offers content like Netflix and Hulu.


XPERIENC is an Over The Top platform, much like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, where you use applications in smart TV’s or “OTT” boxes like Roku and AppleTV, as well as Xbox, Playstation and mobile devices like iPhone and Android to deliver your content directly to where the consumer wants to view it.

Information at www.liveentertertainmentnetwork.com

Live Interactive Platform: CYA.LIVE

CYA.LIVE is a unique platform created to offer interactive and engaging content with your online audiences.  Perfect for movie premieres, stand up comedy shows, off-Broadway plays, live sporting events, film festivals, music festivals, intimate music performances and so much more. People can interact via chat with friends and the live talent, and even “join the stage” to be live on video with their favorite celebrities.

This solution offers a great opportunity to monetize the content via selling tickets and offering products during the broadcast.  With the ability for the consumer to join via browser and mobile apps on Android and iPhone.

Information about CYA . Also check out CYA.LIVE to see available content that is scheduled.

What Our Customers Says ?